Paul Guiragossian: Displacing Modernity (2018)
Paul Guiragossian: Displacing Modernity monograph published by Silvana Editoriale and edited by Sam Bardaouil, Till Fellrath and Manuella Guiragossian.
Paul Guiragossian: The Human Condition (2013)
English edition, soft cover catalog of the retrospective under
the same name marking the 20th anniversary of the artist's death. 
Written by the exhibition curators,
Art Reoriented's Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath.
Published by the Paul Guiragossian Foundation and the
Beirut Exhibition Center. (21 November 2013 to 6 January 2014)
Paul Guiragossian (1987)
Paul Guiragossian hard cover book published in 1987
both in English and French by Movses Zirani.
Garni & Erebouni Printing co. editions.
Paul Guiragossian (1982)
Paul Guiragossian hard cover book with cover box published in 1982
by EMMAGOSS editions and written in French by Joseph Tarrab.
This was the very first book ever publsihed about Guiragossian 
by his eldest son Emmanuel. Both father and son put their efforts
together in financing and publishing this book during the Lebanese
civil war.